Matsuda Eyewear

Japanese eyewear for a person who appreciates fashion to the smallest detail. Every piece is made and assembled to create the perfect eyewear specimen. Frames are adorned with coining, engravings, and emblems that set each pair apart from all others.

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Matsuda Eyewear

Founded in 1967 by Mitsuhiro Matsuda in Tokyo, the Matsuda Brand quickly became one of the most celebrated Japanese fashion houses. All of Matsuda’s prescription eyewear and sunglasses are painstakingly crafted by hand in the artisanal eyewear workshops of Japan, and each Matsuda creation represents over 45 years of design history and heritage.

Only the finest materials, including celluloid acetate, titanium, sterling silver, 18K solid gold, and 22.5K gold plating are used in each eyewear creation. Matsuda creators are famous for looking to the past for Inspiration, while staying current, and in the moment. In simple words: Matsuda Eyewear pieces are Timeless and Beautiful. The quality is simply unmatched by other optical brands. Each pair of glasses undertakes a unique process that has no less than 200 steps and many styles have over 800. All of these steps are necessary and Matsuda craftsmen strongly believe that this is what sets them and their hand made glasses apart in the first place.

Famous celebrities have also found Matsuda glasses to be perfect for work, play, or a night on the town. Tommy Lee of Mötley Crüe, Paul Schaffer of the David Letterman show, and Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man) have all worn multiple pairs of Matsuda glasses or sunglasses.

Matsuda is a U.S. based company located in Southern California. All Matsuda ophthalmic and sun frames are made exclusively in Japan at the finest eyewear factories. Japan has a long-standing tradition of producing glasses of exquisite quality craftsmanship and style. Matsuda designer glasses are no exception. In addition, Matsuda has an incredible assortment of designer sunglasses and most of them come with high quality polarized lenses for the clearest vision outdoors. Most people who wear prescription glasses do it for 16 hours a day (7 days a week). We only take our glasses off to sleep. In this way, it is super important that we own glasses frame that not only looks good but also feels good and comfortable after a prolonged wear. Matsuda is a perfect example of a high quality eyewear that is aesthetically magnificent and super comfortable.

What Matsuda Glasses or Sunglasses Say Your Personality?

If you wear or looking to purchase Matsuda eyeglasses or sunglasses, you are a person of self-assurance. Your work tends to be serious in nature but you do your best not to take yourself too seriously. Never one to jump on the bandwagon, you see yourself more as a leader than a follower. Wherever you go on life’s road you show an aura of confidence to those around you even if internally you occasionally are a little lost yourself. You take great pride in your appearance even if it means spending a bit more for that custom fitted suit or additional time at the gym to really burn a few extra calories.

Why Matsuda Eyewear?

Matsuda Quality – Uncompromising durability and superior craftsmanship.
Matsuda Warranty – One year manufacturer’s warranty.
Matsuda Style – Vintage styles done made for the modern world.
Finest Materials Including – Celluloid acetate, titanium, sterling silver, and 18K gold.
Attention to Detail – Extremely ornate detail and styling (artisan filigree).
Matsuda History – 45+ years in business.
Celebrity Customers Including – Tommy Lee, Paul Schaffer, and Robert Downey Jr.
Matsuda Selection – An amazing selection of ophthalmic glasses and sunglasses.

Where to Buy Matsuda Glasses and Sunglasses in Cleveland?

Eye Candy Optical in Westlake and Beachwood are the PLACES for Matsuda prescription glasses and sunglasses in Greater Cleveland. Come to the store and let us help you find the perfect Matsuda pair! See you soon…