Beautiful glasses made specifically for those of us with small faces. Petite eyewear handcrafted in Germany.

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Colibris Eyewear says it all with its tagline “Great glasses for small faces”. Handcrafted petite eyewear straight from Germany. The name Colibris is really a tribute to the hummingbird. Colibris are both small and beautiful. The attribute that is perhaps most astounding is that they have no fear of humans! These birds are small but mighty and pretty but tough! We can’t think of better name for a collection made for women with small faces.

You won’t find another brand of glasses that so unapologetically fashions its collection to serve a group of people that are in fact severely underserved by other eyewear brands. A great many eyewear brands cater to the masses. This means predictable styles for the “average” person. Sometimes eyewear manufacturers sprinkle a few petite styles with little focus on fashion or function.

Colibris petite glasses have an amazing collection of eyewear that focuses on classic styles in a myriad of colors. Eye sizes as small as 44 with a maximum of 51. The temples fit around the ears perfectly and the bridge comfortable nestles the nose. Colibris also has a nice collection of petite sunglasses including petite aviators.

With Colibris eyewear you will never have to have an optician steer you towards the children’s glasses. This is real petite eyewear for real women. Stylish, fun, classic, and colorful glasses that fit just right!

What Colibris Glasses or Sunglasses Say Your Personality?

You are strong person who knows exactly what you want. You are committed to delivering the best results in the workplace and your family. Some people make the mistake of underestimating you because of your size. But they soon learn that you are a force to be reckoned with. There is a natural sweetness about you which is sometimes misunderstood as you often have to keep your guard up in public. When you do relax, there is nothing like a chill beach or a brisk walk in the Metroparks.