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By Eye Candy Steve

Secrets revealed!!! How to get your guy to shop for new glasses?

Getting your guy to purchase new specs can be a very trying experience.  Once you do the hard part and schedule him for an eye exam, the rest should be easy, right?  But as a man, I know it isn’t.  A scant minority of us find joy in shopping for glasses, but the vast majority see it as a major chore.

What is important is YOU know it is important.  You have to take charge and make sure he not only sees great but looks great too. We know it’s “no day at the beach” to get your significant other to the glasses shop. Each guy has his own shopping personality. Understanding his inner motivations will help you have a stress free experience.  Here is a breakdown of shopping styles based on our experience at Eye Candy and also some helpful tips.

Identifying your man’s optical shopping style (which one is yours?)

1. The “I don’t care” guy:

This guy doesn’t want to shop, and looks at it something like a prison interrogation, the faster he complies, the sooner he can get paroled and go on with the rest of his day.

The good news – He will defer to you on what frame looks good on him provided it isn’t too “weird”.

The bad news – He will be so quick to...

18 August 2014