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By Eye Candies Casey and Steve

Eye Candy's Original – What’s Hot and what’s Not in glasses for back to School for the Ladies?

We know the drill.  School is coming soon so you hit the streets with Mom or Dad on the obligatory school clothes run. Sometimes fun but most of the time NOT. Just when you think you are sitting pretty after a six hour trip to the mall Mom drops this little phrase on you…  “You could use a new pair of glasses.”  Oh the horror!!! Your stomach turning in knots (and not just from that nasty food court stir-fry) at the thought of visiting a bunch of glasses shops.  The next words mumbled out of your mouth is LAME and with good reason.  First, glasses shopping can be super boring.  Secondly, there is added pressure to find something cool.  Trust us... Your Mom isn’t too fired up about the experience either.

We feel your pain and can help you.  We know this… shopping for glasses at Eye Candy Optical is anything but boring!  We take all the guesswork out because we know what’s HOT and what’s NOT for back to school.

Below is a quick overview for the gals on picking a frame that will keep you looking COOL and CURRENT as you go back to school.  

09 August 2014