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Are men sexy in glasses?  The women have spoken.  Here are the results of our Eye Candy Optical online survey in May.

What do you say ladies?  Are men HOT or NOT in specs?  Eye Candy minds had to know so we took our question to the streets for an answer.  We got our answer and A LOT more.  Let’s review the details.

1. If you met a man on a blind date at a local bar and he was wearing glasses would you?

49% of women would be happy and then send a photo to your girlfriend to make her jealous

0% of women would be sad and hope he brought along his hot roommate

39% of women would be indifferent and keep your options open

4% of women would be convinced he plays video games all night and/or lacks a day job

8% of women would have other ideas

The key takeaway is that glasses are NOT a turnoff.  In fact, our survey revealed that a whopping 80% of women do find men attractive in glasses.   We say to the guys out there to remember that the next time they insert their contacts before a HOT DATE!  

02 August 2014