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Beware of the Blue Light Special! Computers, Tablets, Cell phones… How much do you use them? 

Flashback to the 80’s…Remember when Kmart was cool? Just kidding.  My memories of Kmart are few and far between, but there is one thing that still stands out… the ever cheerful Blue Light Special. For those of you that don’t recall or just plain erased this painful childhood shopping experience, the Blue Light Special was this crazy blue light that would flash on periodically  to announce a in store special at the Big K. Fast forward to the present and Blue Light has a whole new meaning, not so cheery either.

Blue light emanates from all our favorite technology devices. It turns out I have had a steady diet of Blue Light for years while having no idea that it was bad for me. Long gone are my high school years when I sat in front of the family computer talking to my friends on AOL all night (Does AOL still exist?).  It turns out those long stretches in front of the PC were not so good for me and not just because Johnny86 dumped me in the cyber world for Trixie87. B@#ch!  Actually, looking into those monitors was hurting my baby blues… who knew!!

09 May 2014