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America's Finest Optical Bathrooms 2016 by INVISION MAGAZINE

Guess who has the coolest bathroom in the Optical Industry?

A welcoming bathroom is a sign of getting the little things right Honestly, the most important things about your bathroom are that you have one, and that you make it available to patients and customers when nature calls. But — as with so many other things in your vision care business — your restroom is yet another place you can say, “We’re different. You’re different. And although we all share this basic human need, we care enough to make our bathroom memorable enough that maybe you’ll even tell your friends, ‘You should see the amazing bathroom at my eye doctor’s!’"...

Are you going to include a photo of your bathroom in your America’s Finest Optical Retailer 2016 application? Eye Candy Optical did that a year ago, and we’ll admit it’s one of the things that caught our attention. “A little known secret is we have the best bathroom in the optical world complete with club style lighting, techno music, and a huge mirror with eyes etched into the back of it,” co-owner Steve Nelson wrote. “The specification we sent out to the designer was ‘Give us a bathroom that rock stars would have sex in.’ Well, actually ‘sex’ was not the exact word we used. A favorite customer quote is ‘If they spent that much energy designing the bathroom, imagine how much effort they put to get the rest of the store perfect!’” Our point exactly.

26 January 2016
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