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Welcome to Eye Candy Optical Blog. You probably already know, we love to have FUN and exploit Popular culture daily on our Facebook page (EyeCandyOpticalCle) and other social media.  Today Eye Candy Optical Cleveland Presents: GLASSES are the NEW BLACK (almost the original series). Beyond our blog its coming to Social Media of your choice... even Google+(+Eye-candy-optical) so please enjoy, like it, and share!

As you also already know, fashionable glasses are all the RAGE right now around the world so what would we pick for our fabulous ladies in Cleveland?

Black glasses in every color for all CLEVELAND's personalities - Urban Style!

Diva - She is a fabulous woman who always gets what she wants. The ends sometimes justifies the means. Some call her temperamental but she knows herself to be instinctively decisive. She always looks her best no matter what the occasion. At Eye Candy Optical she surely will choose our French Face a Face glasses for their color and style intensity.

15 July 2015
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