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Do glasses make you look smarter?

By Eye Candy Steve

Here’s the gig…you are trying to nail that job interview, make a good impression at a stuffy corporate meeting or just impress your date.  Can glasses help?  HECK YEAH!  The data is in! Glasses do make you look SMARTER.

Scientific research has shown that we do perceive people who wear glasses as more intelligent when compared to those who do not wear glasses (1,2) (As an aside, we also view people who wear glasses as more competent (3), and more industrious (1,2) according to a recent article in Psychology News and Reviews).  Count me in!

Although perception is not a reality, you may give yourself a leg up just by putting on a proper pair of specs.  Let’s face it….it couldn’t hurt! In today’s competitive world anything that gives us a little extra boost (real or perceived) is worth a try.  From personal experience, I find that a person in glasses is somehow more intelligent. So it’s probably no accident that characters on TV and in Movies who wear glasses are often cast as the smart ones. Check out Leonard on the Big Bang Theory who is brainy, four-eyed, and coincidentally a ladies man.  The hot girl (Penny) falls for Leonard specs and all. How’s that for proof in the pudding!

Here’s an even deeper question. Do glasses actually MAKE you smarter?

Research has shown that when wearing glasses people think they perform better on tests of intelligence than when not wearing glasses (4). People also describe themselves as more scholarly and competent when wearing glasses (4). Perhaps just another case of the placebo effect but if it works… go for it!

Glasses may help you look smarter or even make you feel smarter, but remember not any and all glasses will help you achieve this.  From the Eye Candy perspective the wrong glasses can have just the opposite effect.  A hip gal or guy’s four eyed appeal can easily be negated by specs that are dorky, boring, or don’t fit well. If glasses make a statement, make it a positive one.

The bottom line is that if glasses help you get guy/girl, get the job, or get noticed, why not use them as another tool in your fashion arsenal.  Everyone has a couple of items in their wardrobe that helps them light up a room.  The little black dress, the “perfect” fitting pair of designer jeans, or those classic stilettos. Glasses are another tool to impress.  Look the part… get the part! 

Stay sweet!

Eye Candy Steve


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By Eye Candy Steve, 13.04.2014 | Posted in Eyeglasses and Intelligence, interview eyewear, Smart glasses

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