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The Green Screen Project - Eye Candy Optical Goes Hollywood!

Buying glasses in Greater Cleveland just got a whole lot more fun at Eye Candy Optical. With our new Hollywood Green Screen Project you can be WHO you want to BE or WHERE you want to be.

Glasses say so much about a person's personality and lifestyle. It only seemed appropriate that Eye Candy Optical found a way to pair up YOUR personality and lifestyle with YOUR perfect pair of SPECS.


  • At the Game
  • In the Boardroom
  • In the Club
  • Chilling with your favorite Celebrity
  • With your favorite Band
  • Or in your favorite Vacation Spot (Real or Imagined)

Heck… we can even put you on the moon or on the North Pole where you can be taming polar bears in no time! No limits at all with Eye Candy Optical. Follow the link below to go to our Facebook page and see real Eye Candy customers in ACTION. You can also use Social Media tools at the end of the blog post to connect with us.


Picture perfect!!! Be who you want to be with Eye Candy Optical.

By Eye Candy Steve, 15.12.2014 | Posted in Be anywhere with Eye Candy Optical, Eye Candy Optical Hollywood, Green Screen

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Eye Candy Optical’s picks for the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame Class of 2015

We are the self-proclaimed ROCK N’ROLL Glasses shop. So we felt it was right to weigh in on who should be the inductees for 2015.  What does this have to do with glasses?  Absolutely nothing!  But we still are going to do it anyway.  You are welcome to agree or disagree.  This is OUR TRUTH… And we are sticking to it!!!


Eye Candy Optical Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame 2015 Inductees

Band                                                              Induct

Green Day                                                     YES

Can you say HELL YEAH! Green Day’s music set the tone for EMO movement in the 90’s in the same way that Nirvana did for grunge. The still are relevant today. No brainer.


Nine Inch Nails                                             YES

As a Clevelander how could we not include NIN in the Hall?  NIN put Industrial Rock on the map.  I got shivers the first time I heard “Head like a hole”.  A bad boy from Parma… who figured?


N.W.A.                                                           YES

West Coast Gangsta Rap changed music forever and for the better.  How could we deny this all-star cast (Dre, EZ, and Ice Cube)?  Welcome boys.


The Smiths                                                    YES

Listening to The Smiths made me never feel so good to be depressed.  Morrissey could take life’s most awkward and awful moments and turn them into pure melodic poetry.  They must get in even if Stephen will be pissed about it.


Louis Reed                                                       YES

Lou is an icon… “Walk on the wild side” is enough a reason in itself to be enshrined.  “Sweet Jane” pop the champagne… Lou’s coming to the HOF.


Sting                                                               NO

Love the Police but enough already… Sting is super talented but “Fields of Gold” almost made me rethink my love of the Police.  Too much of good thing.  Gordon Sumner you will have to sit this one out!


The Paul Butterfield Blues Band               NO

My Uncle gave me a couple of classic Paul Butterfield’s albums when I was a kid.  I didn’t get it then and I don’t get it now.  Fly fly… far far away!


Kraftwerk                                                      NO

There are bands like the Sex Pistols who get credit for influencing everybody.  They say Kraftwerk is one of those bands.  Sadly... I just don’t see it.  I would put DEVO in the mix before these German synth gods.  Whip that!


Chic                                                                NO

Seriously!  I am not a disco hater but there are just so many other worthy bands like Deep Purple… let’s not waste a spot in the hall for Chic.  Try not to “Freak out”!


Joan Jett & the Blackhearts                        YES

7th grade wouldn’t have been the same without “I love rock n’ roll”.  Joan is a rock goddess.  Love her “Bad Reputation” and her leather pants.  We must forgive her for making that crappy “Light of Day” movie staged in Cleveland with Michael J. Fox.  After all, I forgave KISS for “Phantom at the Park”!


The Marvelettes                                           NO

I get that they are Motown great and “Please Mr. Postman” was an awesome song but enough already with the bands from the 60’s (Confession - I like Captain and Tennille version better).  They had their chance and they didn’t make the cut the first umpteen times.  Move on.


The Spinners                                                 NO

Ditto on the Spinners.  They had their chance.


Steve Ray Vaughan                                      YES

He inspired a million teenage boys to learn 12 bar blues and play in garage bands.  He revived a whole genre!!!  YES ten times over! 


War                                                                 NO

Who doesn’t like “Lo Rider” but enough to vote them into the hall?  No way.  “Spill the wine” all over the ballot!  NO MORE WAR!


Bill Withers                                                   NO

He writes the coolest sexiest songs but it ain’t rock n’ roll.  Lovely Day is a personal favorite but there “ain’t no sunshine” for Bill Withers this year.

Agree or disagree… that’s the way we see them.  If I missed someone, let me know on our Facebook page.  As always Be eye Candy and have a rock n roll day!  

By Eye Candy Steve, 24.10.2014 | Posted in Eye Candy Optical and Music, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2015 Nominations

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