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Buying sunglasses… The REAL Scoop. Part 1

By Eye Candy Marina

How to feel healthy?

Summer is here and it’s time to chill by the park or the pool. What about your eyes? They want to chill too but it’s tough with all those nasty rays out there. While we don’t like to cover up on beach, we should cover those baby blues! 

Sunglasses and feeling healthy

The American Academy of Ophthalmology advocates wearing sunglasses anytime you're outdoors, but particularly when:

  • It's summer and it’s sunny.  That statement should be followed by the words… DUH?  But remember this… Ultraviolet rays from the sun CANNOT BE SEEN and affect us on cloudy days too.  How many of us have gotten a sunburn at Cedar Point on an overcast day?
  • UV rays are bad not just for the skin but the eyes too. UV rays can potentially inflict permanent damage on the retina and cornea.  Not good! So when the weather guy on FOX 8 is squawking about a high UV index… it’s a time to pull out your shades.
  • You're at the beach or near water.  Again… the words DUH should follow this statement.  Remember the sun’s rays reflect off the water and right into our eyes.
  • You're outside at high elevations.  Just think about it your closer to the sun.
  • You're participating in snow sports.  “Snow blind” is not just a thinly veiled drug reference from an old Black Sabbath song.  Snow glare can hurt your peepers!

In addition, if you have an eye disease, have had cataract surgery or are taking photosensitizing drugs, you should wear sunglasses whenever you go outside.  If you have already had issues with your eyes, don’t put them under any additional risk or strain.

What’s the deal with Cheap Sunglasses?

Sunglasses are available everywhere, making our decision of choice that much harder.  We need to realize that not shades are made the same, which means that the ones you buy at the gas station help neither with your vision, nor with the sun protection.  These glasses are made with the plastic lenses that don’t have any UV or UVB filters.  In all actuality, “Cheap” sunglasses can be harmful to your vision.

While we love the ZZ Top song, “Cheap Sunglasses”, that is no way to go!!!

Are proper sunglasses really worth it?

In short, YES.  Besides the amazing style and complements you will receive (to be covered in Part 2 of our article), you are going to get the different technologies, which offers more comfort, durability and performance.  The material used in your sunglass lenses will affect their clarity, weight, and durability.  Also the better the sunglasses, the more likely it has several layers of coatings.  These can include a hydrophobic coating to repel water, an anti-scratch coating to improve durability and an anti-fog coating for humid conditions or high-energy activities.

What about Polarized lenses?

A high quality pair of sunglasses can include polarized lenses.  A polarized lens offers the following advantages over non-polarized lenses:

  • Improves visual comfort.  Fancy way of saying they are easier on the eyes.
  • Improves contrast and visual clarity.
  • Reduces eyestrain.
  • Allows for true perception of colors.
  • Reduces reflections and eliminates glare.

Polarized lenses are perfect in so many ways but there is one hitch.  Polarized lenses do make looking at your digital devices more difficult. Things can look a little “funky”.

What about getting prescription sunglasses?

With prescription sunglasses you double your pleasure. You get all the advantages above plus you can actually see perfectly.  Some talk of wearing their non-RX sunnies over contacts, but that is not practical at the pool or the beach.  Once you get a pair of RX sunglasses…. You’ll never look back.

Also if you want to get the official scoop from the Cleveland Clinic docs… click the following link Cleveland Clinic Scoop

Take care and have fun this summer!  See you at Eye Candy!

Stay sweet!

By Eye Candy Marina, 11.06.2014 | Posted in Eye Health, Polarized, Sun Glasses, ZZ Top

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