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Do glasses make you look smarter?

By Eye Candy Steve

Here’s the gig…you are trying to nail that job interview, make a good impression at a stuffy corporate meeting or just impress your date.  Can glasses help?  HECK YEAH!  The data is in! Glasses do make you look SMARTER.

Scientific research has shown that we do perceive people who wear glasses as more intelligent when compared to those who do not wear glasses (1,2) (As an aside, we also view people who wear glasses as more competent (3), and more industrious (1,2) according to a recent article in Psychology News and Reviews).  Count me in!

Although perception is not a reality, you may give yourself a leg up just by putting on a proper pair of specs.  Let’s face it….it couldn’t hurt! In today’s competitive world anything that gives us a little extra boost (real or perceived) is worth a try.  From personal experience, I find that a person in glasses is somehow more intelligent. So it’s probably no accident that characters on TV and in Movies who wear glasses are often cast as the smart ones. Check out Leonard on the Big Bang Theory who is brainy, four-eyed, and coincidentally a ladies man.  The hot girl (Penny) falls for Leonard specs and all. How’s that for proof in the pudding!

Here’s an even deeper question. Do glasses actually MAKE you smarter?

Research has shown that when wearing glasses people think they perform better on tests of intelligence than when not wearing glasses (4). People also describe themselves as more scholarly and competent when wearing glasses (4). Perhaps just another case of the placebo effect but if it works… go for it!

Glasses may help you look smarter or even make you feel smarter, but remember not any and all glasses will help you achieve this.  From the Eye Candy perspective the wrong glasses can have just the opposite effect.  A hip gal or guy’s four eyed appeal can easily be negated by specs that are dorky, boring, or don’t fit well. If glasses make a statement, make it a positive one.

The bottom line is that if glasses help you get guy/girl, get the job, or get noticed, why not use them as another tool in your fashion arsenal.  Everyone has a couple of items in their wardrobe that helps them light up a room.  The little black dress, the “perfect” fitting pair of designer jeans, or those classic stilettos. Glasses are another tool to impress.  Look the part… get the part! 

Stay sweet!

Eye Candy Steve


1. Thornton, G. (1943). The effect upon judgments of personality traits of varying a single factor in a photograph. Journal of Social Psychology 18, 127–148.

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By Eye Candy Steve, 13.04.2014 | Posted in Eyeglasses and Intelligence, interview eyewear, Smart glasses

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What’s HOT in Eyewear Spring 2014?

By Eye Candy Steve

Greetings Eye Candy People,

We just returned from Vision Expo East in New York City this past weekend.  That’s THE trade show where high fashion eyewear shops come to see the “latest and greatest” from the world’s finest eyeglass companies.  Every company has a different vision which  makes each line unique.  There’s a style and color for everyone.

If we sum it up in one word we would go with AMAZING.  We saw oodles of cool glasses enough to make someone dizzy.  But we wanted to take this sensory overload and boil it down into some underlying trends.

Remember a current trend in NYC or Paris might take a year or two to reach the Mid-West. But according to our inside look, here are the Top 5 trends coming down the pike.

  • “Deeper and deeper” – Hey Cleveland it’s time to ditch those little square rectangles.  Regardless of shape (square, round, or anything else you can think of) glasses are getting bigger again. They say “bigger is better” and the same holds true for eyewear.  For those of you who remember those big specs from the 80’s, it’s Deja Vu all over again BUT a lot more fun.
  • “Mix it and Mash it” – In the grocery store they say “paper or plastic” and in optical we say “plastic or metal”. Time to throw that out of the window.  Many eyewear fashion houses are using more than one material in a frame. We saw lovely combinations of plastic, metal, glass and wood.  
  • “Rounding out your look“– Many optical shops nearly stopped carrying round frames except, perhaps ,the John Lennon throwback.  Time to rethink your shape.  Rounder glasses are really making a comeback.  Not everyone can wear a round shape but don’t be afraid to try some on. Not everyone should wear little square rectangle glasses but for a while nearly everyone did.  Embrace your inner circle.
  • “Cat CAN DO” – There may be nothing more iconic in eyewear than a sweet pair of Cat Eye glasses. The shape is “the little black dress” of eyewear.   Everyone from Hollywood starlets or librarians (some naughty, some nice) have been seen in this shape. Well the cat is BACK and it’s available in every size, color and material available.  The magic of the Cat Eye is in that little lift it brings to the a woman’s face. The same way a high heeled shoe makes your leg longer and leaner, the Cat Eye adds youthfulness and brings attention to you.  This shape suits almost everyone.
  • "Matte is not so dull after all" – Shinny does not always mean new.  Matte finishes on frames are really hot this year.  A matte finish on trendy frame gives it a luxury feel in an understated way. Everything from bright and brassy colors to classic black and tortoise are being featured in matte finish. In the office or in the club, matte is sleek, sophisticated and positively dreamy this year. 
  • Be on the lookout for all the latest and greatest on all things eyewear …

    Stay SWEET!!!

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