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Are men sexy in glasses? The women have spoken...

By Eye Candies Steve and Marina

Are men sexy in glasses?  The women have spoken.  Here are the results of our Eye Candy Optical online survey in May.

What do you say ladies?  Are men HOT or NOT in specs?  Eye Candy minds had to know so we took our question to the streets for an answer.  We got our answer and A LOT more.  Let’s review the details.

1. If you met a man on a blind date at a local bar and he was wearing glasses would you?

49% of women would be happy and then send a photo to your girlfriend to make her jealous

0% of women would be sad and hope he brought along his hot roommate

39% of women would be indifferent and keep your options open

4% of women would be convinced he plays video games all night and/or lacks a day job

8% of women would have other ideas

The key takeaway is that glasses are NOT a turnoff.  In fact, our survey revealed that a whopping 80% of women do find men attractive in glasses.   We say to the guys out there to remember that the next time they insert their contacts before a HOT DATE!

2. Your ideal fantasy about a man in glasses is:

32% dream of the high powered business executive

30% dream of a Super Hero incognito

4% dream of their college math professor

36% dream of a mysterious French man in a Paris café

2% dream of a computer programmer who will launch the next Google

8% of women would have another special guy in mind

Ladies!  This is interesting!  Very interesting!  The answers were all over the spectrum and show that more than one type of man in glasses is dream worthy.  The high powered business exec leads our fantasy category.  We can only guess his name may be Mr. Grey!  The wholesome Clark Kent type was a close second.  Who would not love a Clark Kent type even before he jumps into the phone booth to become Superman?  On the other hand, who would want a man with x-ray vision?  This ability just puts more pressure on anyone who dates him.  “Excuse me Superman while I slip into something a little more comfortable… a Kryptonite dress!”

3. If your special man wears his glasses to bed, do you?

17% - Smile and tell him to leave them on for the acts that follow

62% - Toss his glasses on the nightstand and give him a big smooch

4% - Grab your IPad and bury yourself in a good book

15% - Ask him to role-play with you and pretend he’s your college English Lit professor

0% - Yawn, roll over and pretend you are asleep

2% of you ladies do something else

WOW!!!  Nothing like ripping a pair of glasses off a guy’s face and getting straight down to business! Nearly two thirds of women surveyed felt that way.  Or how about the 17% who are so hot for their man in glasses that they can’t even bother to take them off!  To round things out, there is a small but significant number of ladies who have fond memories of a college professor.  Why not!  It’s just a fantasy!

4. A man looks best in glasses when…

35% said when he is in a sharp business suit carrying a briefcase

36% said when he is in a T-Shirt and Jeans

11% said when he is in Khaki’s and his favorite golf shirt

18% said when he is in nothing but his boxers

No surprises on this one.  Let’s face it…. men with OR without glasses look best two ways… dressed up in a suit or dressed down in jeans.  Of course, those two looks are worn OUTSIDE the house.  For the ladies who were thinking a little more intimate location, it’s hard to beat a guy in boxers and some sexy specs. To those gals that like their men in Dockers and Golf shirts. Please stop lying.  No one looks their best in a pair of khaki’s.  NO ONE!

5. The men’s glasses style you like most is:

33% of women prefer the geek chic look (think fun, nerdy, intellectual)

24% of women prefer the conservative “executive” type

26% of women prefer the metrosexual (funky, hipster, maybe a bit of color)

2% of women prefer the hippy round type like your classic John Lennon’s

2% of women prefer the no glasses at all, bring on the contacts

13% of women prefer the sexy sunglasses at the beach

This question produced the widest variety of responses.  This should tell the men two things:

- There is a Jack for every Jill.  No matter what his style is, there is a woman who appreciates him and his eyewear.

- Women like variety!!!  Have more than one pair of specs and change your look.

For the ladies that participated in our survey, we thank you!  We hope you found it interesting, informative, and at the very least entertaining.  Until next time…

Stay Sweet!

By Eye Candies Steve and Marina, 02.08.2014 | Posted in Executive Look, eyewear for men, Geek Chic, Hot men in glasses, Womens eyewear preferences in men

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Progressive Lenses, what’s the deal? How to pick one?

By Eye Candy Casey

Progressive Lenses, what’s the deal?  How to pick one?

Did you get the news from your eye doctor that your arms just are not long enough to read that small print?  Did Doc say you need a BIFOCAL (almost a four letter word!)  Well after reading this you will be more confident in understanding what wearing a no-line bifocal or a progressive is all about.

As we age the muscles in our eyes do not flex as well anymore and with that comes the difficulty of reading.  So we go to the eye doctor and he says “Now Betty, it looks like you need a bifocal.”  You look at him in disbelief that the time has finally come.  Don’t worry with the new technology out in the optical world, adapting to this lens type will be a piece of cake.

What is the difference between a bifocal and a progressive lens?  Both lens designs will help aid you in seeing your reading material but a progressive lens is more refined and can offer more options.  A bifocal has your distance in the top and reading in the lower portion of the lens.  These two areas are separated by a line.  A progressive lens still has your distance in the top of the lens and the reading in the lower portion of the lens. 

Where a progressive lens differs from a standard bifocal is the portion of the lens between both areas the middle portion is used for intermediate.  Intermediate helps in seeing anything which is arm’s length away.  For example computer screens, dashboards in cars, and the shelves in the grocery stores.

How does one pick what type of lens is the best for you?  Just like there are many different cars on the road there are progressive lenses on the market.  And by learning about the different options you are going to be able to make a great decision and be comfortable in your new progressive lenses.

Here at Eye Candy Optical we use the very best lens technology that is available in the optical industry.  After researching all the different progressives we have been wowed by the latest lens technology that is being offered and want our customers to experience the very best vision possible!  Perfect vision paired with a perfect frame is what Eye Candy is all about.

Did you know that all progressive lenses have "blurry" areas or what we call “soft vision” on the side of the lenses.  This is because a single lens consist of three or four different focal points and there is some overlap mathematically speaking, it cannot be eliminated but can be pushed to the sides of the lens.  With the best in the industry lens technology we offer there is complete usable lens all the way across the distance portion of the lens and the reading area is double the amount of a standard progressive lens.  In addition, our top tier progressives are fully personalized just for you and even offer forth reading area for mobile devices... We all know how addicted you are to Candy Crush and probably Facebook and you cannot excel in Candy Crush or see what all of your freinds are doing without a perfect vision.

What does this all mean to you?  WELL, since the lens follows the natural movement of your eye you don’t have to move your head to see out the progressive lens.  These new lenses offers a significantly reduced adaptation time to a first-time progressive lens wearers.   You will forget in a couple days the fact that you had to get this progressive lens AND you can actually be able to read again. 

Is the upgrade really worth it???  YES.  The response we have received from this lens is off the charts.  Current progressive lens wearers see a HUGE difference. As an optician fitting first time progressive lens wearers, let’s just say it makes my job way easier. I would put my mom in this lens for sure! Come in to Eye Candy Optical and we can get you fitted with a perfect progressive lens for your lifestyle and get you a pair of HOT European frames. All your friends will be asking you where you found those crazy awesome glasses!  

PS...they will be so jealous and you will be able to see it even between the lines :-)

Stay sweet!

By Eye Candy Casey, 25.07.2014

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